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Asthma cough, advice needed please

I had mild breathing problems starting a couple of years ago and after the usual palaver the consultant decided that fortunately I was not actually asthmatic but borderline.

The symptoms of breathlessness have been controlled with antihistamines and nasal sprays as the problems were partly down to allergies. Physio also helped me to improve my posture, recognise tension and to actually remember to breathe which I tend to do less when I concentrate.

During the past two years I have noticed the arrival of cold weather causes problems. I am fit and cycle a lot.

Recently I had mild tonsillitis and seem to have now developed a dry persistent cough for several weeks. I have tried ignoring it. I don't know whether to go and see my GP or not as I am not poorly and the cough is not seriously disturbing my life.

Does anyone have any advice they can offer please ?

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I would say yes go and see the GP, a cough is my main symptom. It sounds like you haven't got any inhalers and you might just need them. And after all the public information films etc all say go and see the dr if you have a cough for 3 weeks so your 'several' qualifies on that basis alone


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