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To me the 3 most important aspects of asthma were to keep out of hospital to keep off steroids and to manage life to some extent but had a phone call from brompton saying i should stay there maybe for over 2 weeks!? just to try to find out what is wrong with me?

Anyone had something like that? What are they going to do over such a long time? Feel rather scared atm.

But thanks for any ideas

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It's so great that you are now under the wing of the Brompton, they really are the Rolls Royce of respiratory medicine, and people write how well looked after they feel there. I hope they get to bottom of things for you and get it all to settle down. Keep us informed how you are getting on.


Thanks you took my nerves down a bit and i like ur expression of rolls royce but still a bit scared as with every admission its difficult to convince them that i can go home so that never really comes


I have had this exact admission myself. And it is fantastic. You are allowed to leave the hospital at some points so I didn't get too bored. The consultant visits you almost daily. It is valuable.

Go for it.


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