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Asthma an overlooked breath trick and a devastating disease

In my youth I was treated with iodine for my very instable asthma, that was not so very effective. At age 17 I had a devastating attack screeching for each breath and each open-mouthed breath making poor me worse instead of better. I've since got rid of the disease for all intents.

A probable cause is the turning off of a nasal reflex. See

""Nasal reflexes, coupled with the resistance of the nose, increase the efficiency

of the lungs and improve the ultimate effectiveness of heart action (Albert and

Winters, 1966; Butler, 1960; Edison and Kerth, 1973). This results in a better

alkali reserve in the blood, necessary to maintain body chemistry by lowering the

percentage of lactic acid in the blood (Luescher, 1930). Lactic acid is an important

chemical maintaining a regular rhythm of the heart, rising and falling with

breathing. All other body muscles are kept in tone by this mechanism and all the

above factors increase the capacity for work (Kreewinsch, 1932).""

Failure of the nasal reflex would therefore account for my completely miserable condition at the time.

This explanation for an asthma attack is not the usual one but must be plausible enough.

Another usually overlooked fact in the asthma context is the use of facial massage to breathe deeply. See ""Deep Breath"" by Osumu Tatsumura (not a medical book). See page 129 about breathing deeply. ""Press the points below your eyes as if you were pulling them down""

Ia far from being an fan of Cinese medicine with its acupressure points, but this tech certainly works for me.

What do people think? RF

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For another example of Asthma Treatment with physiotherapy see


Interesting that you peddle this idea on so many Websites. Do you have a vested interest?

I could find no information on any formal qualifications held by you. This worries me.


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