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Unsure of how long to increase inhalers for

Hi all,

About a fortnight ago I had a cold which cause me to have an annoying productive cough. About 10days ago I increased my inhaler, which helped and the cough is finally on it's way out now. I don't have an action plan and last time I saw the nurse she told me to increase it as I needed to. I doubled the amount of puffs as this is what I've always been told to do in the past, but I don't know when I should drop back down to normal. I'm still struggling a bit with exercise, but only intense exercise, other than that I'm fine. I tried dropping it this morning and have been fine all day. Should I be ok to keep it at normal levels now? I'd rather not go and see the nurse, she'll just tell me I'm fine and moan at me for increasing it (I seriously can't win!).

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I think (and this is purely my non-medical opionion) that you should stay on the increased dose until you're back to whatever is normal for you

I'm in the process of changing inhalers and i know what you mean about nurses. I went for my review, prepared with a peak flow and symptom diary and she wasn't interested in the slightest!

She's changed me to a combination inhaler but has effectively halved the steroid dose - it's exactly the same drug as my previous preventer but apparently has ""superfine particles"" so more gets in and you need less. Well it's made no difference, i'm still struggling with all exercise. I'm allowed to double it after 2-3weeks if i'm still struggling but i've only done 1 1/2 weeks so far so not allowed to increase yet.


Hiya i was told to reduce ventolin type inhealer after a week of my normal symptoms and to contact my specialist nurse if no improvement after 3 days. I am under Guys in London and have serve asthma with an action plan. I would try a get an action plan, mine has helped so much with A+E doctors and GP nurse. It makes them relise not all athletics audibly whizzed some people like me have silent chests. You can download or get an action plan from this website a fill it in with your GP or nurse.

Take care Rachel


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