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Relvar Ellipta

Hello everyone,

I've just been to see the doctor after several bad attacks these last few nights. I was expecting a course of steroids tablets, but instead she has prescribed me a new inhaler called Relvar Ellipta - apparently you only have to take this once a day!

Has anyone else tried this? How have you gotten on with it? Can it really control asthma symptoms with just one puff a day? I really hope so!

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I've just started using Relvar aswell, I'm not convinced yet that it's as good as the Seretide/Fluticasone I was using before, but I'm still taking oral pred, so difficult to tell. I seem to be getting evening PF dips with it. It'll be interesting to hear how it's working for everyone else.



I have just started it. I am on day 5! I used Symbicort 12/400 before. I have really struggled with breathless in the morning over the last few days, but maybe that is the transition period. I was better today.


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