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No wheeze no asthma

This week I have met yet another general practitioner who thinks that if you do not wheeze you cannot possibly be asthma. His opinion was it is anxiety. However he did have the common sense to say but do not stop your prevention medication as your respiratory consultant would not be happy?!

I have spent years campaigning that not all asthmatics wheeze yet the message still is not getting out. Sigh!

I did point out to general practitioner do I look like I am panicking - I am using the good breathing from physiotherapists where you keep your mouth shut and breathe through nose. Using diaphragm and stomach muscles.

Yes you are breathing calmly and no wheeze so not asthma.

Sigh see my respiratory consultant on 18th November I give up with general practitioners. They think they know better than consultants.

When the elephant sits on your chest in night and wakes you up only a blue inhaler fixes it. It is asthma. When you cough in night it is asthma.

I hate general practitioners. Only one in my current surgery and i moved 8 times. Give up on gp's!

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I know how you feel i have serve brittle asthma. I can be ok now and struggling to breathe in half an hour. I have been turned away from GP's and A+E because of silent chest (no wheeze) countless times. It is so frustrating and LIFE THREATENING. I have now got an action plan from consultant and specialist nurse saying i have a silent chest.

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Hi loulou

I have a written asthma plan and I am going to see my consultant on 18th November. I do not think many non respiratory doctors know much about asthma. It is not focused on.


I don't mean to stress you out but my action plan from Guys and St Thomas' in London has printed on it 'A silent asthmatic is an asthmatic in trouble' try getting something like that on your action plan. Another way is to write I have a silent chest as one of you symptoms. Can i be cheeky and ask what hospital are you under?

Take care Loulou


I am under Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. It is not a specialist one. GP just says you do not have asthma so not much help either. I never have much look with medical people. And you did not stress me out sorry if my reply sounded that way.

My main health condition is a genetic condition called Triple X syndrome so I am a bit complex. I spend more time being told oh it your genetics than actually getting treatment. I lost faith in medics years ago. I got put in a wheelchair in 2008 and as far as medics go I am sorted. Part of me has lost the energy to fight the other half is still fighting ie i shower and dress myself, i cook my own meals, i sort my money etc And boy can the medics not cope. A person in a wheelchair being independent not possible is there assumption.

So no wheeze person in wheelchair cannot possibly know what conditions they have. Drives me mad!!

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I understand your frustration, I have silentchest too, and full peak flow of 550-600. So I've had my share of moments convincing A&E that peak flow of 350 and no wheezing is a massive issue for me. I was offered a paper bag at a northwest London hospital once by a particularly junior doc, apparently that would help control my breathing. They are meant to use respiratory rate, ability to complete sentencing, coughing, fatigue, circulation and O2 saturatution as a guide too. One size does not fit all and sometimes they just need a bit of persuasion to look at your electronic notes. easier said that done When ur that unwell but it's not like your after a free shot of morphine, no one likes the side effects of the nebulisers or steroids.

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Hi juliesharp,

Two years later and I know that I still have trouble with GPs and Emergency doctors who don't realise that you can have severe asthma and a silent chest.


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