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Does anyone use a nebuliser

First off this is not an attempt to circumvent any rules of the forum, far from it. I admit the recent post did raise my level of curiosity.

I have often considered buying a nebuliser to see if it would be of any help when I have one of my exacerbations that are generally virus related.

Would one be of any use do you think? I believe there are medications that can be used in such a device?


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How severe is your asthma? Are you under he care of a hospital consultant? Do you have frequent, severe exaserbations which require hospital admission?

Of the answer to the above is not yes, then you almost certainly would not be able to get any doctor to prescribe the medication. Even if the answer to the above is yes it's still not going to be easy!

Personally I feel I benefit greatly from having nebulisers at home, I've found me meds (both preventor and reliever) more effective and I have a better quality of life, but I know there are consultants who will deny hat it's possible till they're blue in the face! There are plenty of studies that show an inhaler and spacer is as effective as a neb when done properly!

It would be better to work with your doctor to get the preventor meds right so you're ok when you have a virus!! Certainly wouldn't spend your pennies on a machine unless a doc has prescribed the meds (and usually if hey give you the meds they'll also give you the machine!)


Thanks Soph, I now have a better idea of whats' what.

No, not under a consultant, nor have I been hospitalised with asthma, however, when I have an infection and get an exacerbation it can be bad, so bad that last time I was on the brink of going to A&E. I was really struggling to get air in. As usual I managed to get things OK again after a few days.

Interesting what you say about inhalers vs nebulisers. As you hint, my medication needs sorting out I think. I am currently on 2 x 100mg Clenile and Salbutamol.I am told I can increase the Clenile to double when I need to and taper off when I am back to normal (ish).

I was on Fostair but I had some bad side effects.

I will see the doc on Thursday and see what he says. I did broach the subject of nebulisers with my doc at one time and he seemed happy for me to try one but the subject of medication wasn't discussed, I might see what he says on Thursday.

Like us all, all I want is to feel I have things under control, and at the moment I dread another viral infection.


PS I use my spacer 90% of the time.


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