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Newly Diagnosed - Confused on Prescriptions

Hi Everyone,

I've recently been diagnosed with Asthma. Been given a Clenil Modulate 100 preventer and Salbutamol Reliever.

I take 4 puffs a day of the Clenil, which will run out just before christmas. My asthma nurse has told me to stop taking the Clenil if I don't have any symptoms after 6 weeks to see if my Asthma is just effected by pollen, as suspected.

However, the 6 weeks end just before Christmas week and if I do need a new prescription of it, I'll have to order it a week or so before to ensure I get it before I go home for Christmas (I'm at university).

Could someone explain to me how to get repeat prescriptions of inhalers? Do they come as just the canisters when it's a repeat? I'm a bit confused and over-whelmed by all of this.

Also when does the Salbutamol inhaler run out? I can't find an expiration date on it anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You!

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Repeat prescriptions are usually quite easy to get - the second half of the prescriptions lists what items you have on repeat (ie you can order them without seeing a dr) and you can then give these in at reception and then pick up the signed prescription up a few days later. My GP surgery also allows you to order them online but I get them through the pharmacist who orders and then picks them up for me.

However, it may be that these are not yet put on repeat for you so I would check with the receptionist. Most inhalers come as the same thing (ie canister and holder). It is also usual to see the nurse after starting a new inhaler to check it is working.

Re salbutamol inhaler - the date should be on the canister but mine (Salamol) is just a date with no explanation. The inhaler I currently have is 10 2015. It should also state how many doses it has on it so you should be able to know when it will actually run out.


Thank You!

I will go and see the reception team at my doctors and see if they can work it all out for me!

Once the canister is in and is being used, can you take it out? I get the impression the date for my salbutamol might be under the plastic. But don't want to break it.

Thanks again!


Hi Lauren, welcome to the forum :-)

I can answer some of your queries. When you get the repeat prescription you get the full device as usual - canister and plastic casing. There will be an expiry date on it somewhere, not sure where cos I think it depends exactly which variety of salbutamol you've got - ventolin? Airomir ?

How to actually get repeats will depend on your surgery, at mine I can either put the repeat slip in or I can order by email but you need to check the procedure for your doctor's.

I think your concern about whether you'll need a repeat or not will become evident as you go along. I know you said she told you to stop taking it tater 6 weeks but if you are only affected by pollen, chances are you'll stop having symptoms before that (in my opinion - and I'm NOT medically trained at all!). I'd say if you are still having symptoms after the 5 weeks then you should put in a repeat request so that you have got it for when you go home.

Has the nurses asked you to go back for a review at all? I've been asthmatic pretty much all my life but I've just started on a combination inhaler and I've got to go back in about 6 weeks for a review to see how I'm getting on. It sounds like you should probably be reviewed around Christmas time as well.

Hope that's some help to you xxxx


You can remove the metal canister from the plastic device, it simply pulls out and pushes back in, you'll need to do this to clean the device (as per instruction in the info leaflet!

When salbutamol runs out (usually they have about 200 in them) it will spray weirdly, although I always had a new one in my drawer so that when one ran out I could grab the next one straight away and then order a new replacement.


Thank you so much everyone! I found my Salbutamol box that the inhaler came in and found out roughly when it'll run out so I should be ok!!

I don't think I have the repeat prescription part of my original salbutamol prescription (when i got it it wasn't certain I had asthma, so I think I threw it away, not knowing what it was) will I have to go to the doctors again to get another prescription of this?


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