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formoterol(laba) and quick relief

For a project on asthma I have been doing some research on formoterol and I have found conflicting opinions on this medicine. One website said that formoterol should not be used as relief during an attack as it too slow acting where as another website said that is was fine to use and takes 1 to 3 minutes to kick in. I know LABAs are used in preventative measures when paired with inhaled steroids. Which is right in regards to an attack?

I am on formoterol and carry it with me and take (mainly when exercising) When having a problem. My consultant was the one to put me on this (also on pulmicort ) and no one else at hospital seems to have a problem with this being my reliever.


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Yeah, formeterol is a LABA but recently its been shown to be effective quickly enough to be used as a reliever. Hence things like symbicort SMART and Fostair MART protocols!


I did think so... I must have been reading old journals


I have been using formeterol (Symbicort ) now for a few years and was told I could use this up to 10 puffs a day but I have recently seen my Astma nurse and have been told I can no longer take it as a reliever and have been put on the blue version called terbutaline sulphate (Bricanyl ) and can use this as often as I need..... He said that formeterol is no longer any good as a reliever and can be harmful if taken in large doses. I have had to use the reliever a few times just lately as my chest feels like someone is sitting on it even though I have done my asthma plan, and im not sure it actually makes much difference.


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