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Struggling with the cold

I feel kind of stressed out with my lungs at the moment. I'm not having attacks thankfully but since the weather has gotten cold my lungs are really struggling. I have also found that I can't have any cold drinks anymore because it screws with my lungs too... things like milkshakes or anything with ice in. I've just moved to Uni and I can't enjoy my nights out with people because I'm too busy trying to make sure my lungs don't get worse than they already were.

I'm currently on Flutiform 125/5 2 puffs twice a day, and I am seeing my GP about it on the 21st. I don't really want to increase my dose of LABA because I've been having a few issues with tachycardia so I don't really want to increase the number of puffs of flutiform 125/5 that I am taking... and the next inhaler up would be the 250/10 which also has a higher dose of LABA in it so I am kind of struggling as to what to do... I know that ultimately it is my GP's decision but I was just wondering if any of you have any ideas as to what might be a good plan?

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