Benefits of garlic?

I'm struggling with my asthma at the moment and as a noisy asthmatic (cougher) the world and his wife sees fit to give you helpful advice!!!

Anyway a colleague today was telling me about her husband. Apparently he 'got' asthma as an adult and she reckoned he was pretty bad, getting put on pred quite a few times. Someone told him garlic was good so he started taking the one-a-day garlic pills and now he 'hasn't got asthma', she said he doesn't have any inhalers at all.

Anyone got any ideas whether garlic works against asthma? Personally i don't think it's the magic 'cure' that she seems to think it is otherwise all doctors would be telling asthmatics just to take garlic pills.

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  • Ohhh, I sooo wish that garlic would fix it for me - I'd eat it by the bucket load!

    I've had a quick look for information about garlic and asthma and they all claim that garlic can cure everything from piles to leprosy. Strangely enough, they're all produced by health food companies - not a medical assessment in sight!

    I don't suppose that it would hurt to use it but, like you, I wouldn't depend on it as a cure.

    However, I am also a cougher and I know how painful your lungs get after a couple of weeks of coughing. I went to a salt cave in March this year after several weeks of non-stop coughing, feeling that somebody had helpfully sandpapered my lungs for me. I came out from my first visit feeling that my lungs were more flexible and coughing was easier and more productive. I had four more visits over the next couple of weeks and by the end of them I was more comfortable than I had been for ages, This is by no means a cure but it definitely helped me to cope and made me so much more comfortable.

  • I think if you ate enough garlic it would repel people with bugs getting close to you.

    To be serious though, I think it is supposed to help the immune system.. but do some research into it.

    You can get odourless garlic pearls....

    May help! x

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