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Scary GP!

Went to see my GP last week with a chest infection and was told that ,""it was my own fault because I was taking inahled steroids at ridiculous doses"", and refused to give me any antibiotics! He also thinks that asthmatics should not be given all these ""unnecessary drugs"", because asthma is entirely psychological, and treating asthmatics with drugs just encourages attention seeking!!!!!

What a charming man. Grrrrr!!!!

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Sounds like you need to make a formal complaint about this doctor, his attitude is downright dangerous. I hope you've managed to see another doctor and get yourself sorted in the meantime.



Is he a genuine qualified doctor with certificates and everything? Really?

Where does he think you got your steroids from? You can't just wander into a pharmacy and randomly choose a couple of inhalers to play with.

I'm with Nimueh - you need to make a formal complaint and ask to see a proper doctor.

Let us know how you get on.


Managed to see a different GP, now on pred and antibiotics. Apparently the practice has had a lot of complaints about the locum doctor (can't think why!!), and he has now left. I was asked why I hadn't been in sooner, apparently the locum didn't write anything in my notes either!


Nothing surprises me.

Under the 1992 NHS Regulations (Service to Patients) your GP must examine your and make a proper record of your condition as at the time of the visit. If not, then he or she is in serious breach of the Regulations. I suspect that the GP in question has been the subject of Formal Complaints previously and the BMA will be pleased to hear from you. If your account is accurate then he may be recorded as unfit to practise or even a danger to other patients.


I made a serious complaint about a Locum GP once who was well past it... I had pleuroedema.. he prescribed an expectorant and to cheer myself up with an ice lolly!

I saw a practice GP within an hour and had the correct diagnosis as mentioned above. They never used him again...

Any doctor saying what was said to you is downright dangerous... needs to be reminded that asthma can kill....

Ihope you have made a good formal complaint! xxx

Glad you got to see a better GP too!


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