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tired of trying to breath!

Hi All,

I had another lovely asthma attack on Saturday but as recently moved and hospital were not fully aware of how severe it can get they chose to discharge me a few hours later onece it appeared to stablised.

At my insistance they gave me some pred to take home as i knew I would be back in within 24 hours otherwise and their other advice was to try and manage on my regular inhalers without resorting straight to my nebs!!!

Needless to say by that night I was going downhill aagin and needed my nebs! I've got through the weekend but am still struggling so I'm going to see the GP later to see if he can recommend anything else before I wind back up in hospital as I am already on regular theophyline tabs and montalukast as well as all the normal inhalers. I would just love a few hew hours of uninterupted sleep and to breath easilly for a while. The docs were lovely but until they get to know your history and realise how quickly things can go downhill it can be a challenge as my sats often look okay and then they just drop suddenly but until they see it for themselves they dont realise how quickly you can go from appearing stable to unstable and I'm normally to tired by that point to explain so sooner I see the respiritory team the better really! moan of the day over!

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Yes it can be quite frustrating when you move places and they dont know you at the hospital. Hope you are getting better now. Similar thing happened to me on Sunday at my new hospital in Derriford. The monitors were beeping crazy on me they put a neb on me and some steroids and then put me in the waiting room where i ended up with a patient who had her foot cut open calling me a dr!? Who was shocked to see me like that was turning blue and going down but many times i wish as well if i could have a bit of a break of this breathing trouble


Hi hope your feeling a bit better now too! I was readmitted on Monday after seeing my GP and discharged yesterday evening thankfully. luckily I have a nebuliser at home and live really close to the hospital so once I'm fairly stable it's easy for me to be at home. the doctors were brilliant though and the respiratory nurses so I have got total faith they will help me through this latest hurdle and get me back on the road to recovery! I think I'd just forgotton how much it takes out of us when our breathings not so great, still onwards and upwards. I'm just gonna let the antibiotics and prednisolone do their magic and look forward to breathing normally again soon lol

Take care all


Hello lucyduce,

How have you been? Hopefully recovering ok and getting used to your new team and hospital?

Welcome to the Asthma UK forum, plenty of advice and information around both by searching previous posts and also have a look around the main website too. Whereabouts in Devon are you by the way?

Yasmin, thought you were in London? Where's Derriford? Hope you're managing ok too.

It is difficult sometimes with communication in hospitals. It be useful for both of you and anyone else to keep some written info to hand over and save talking when breathless such as previous discharge summary or clinic letters, action plan or even your own write up with contact details, history and asthma medication etc



Yep was in London but moved to Plymouth for university and the only hospital with a and e is the derriford hospital and i tried giving them the last discharge letter and stuff but they always get everything wrong


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