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Q difficult asthma clinic

Seen consultant and being sent to a difficult asthma clinic. Not being funny but I have been seen by chest clinic for nearly 20 years and now this. I can't be doing talking to strangers yet again and my fv are variable sometimes show issues sometimes don't. My old consultant has retired and knew me inside out and have seen another one approx. 4 times and now wants to do this. He doesn't get my asthma and that I have been far worse in past requiring maintenance dose of steroids. I also get eczema, rhinitis and am allergic all which vary along with the asthma.Thing is I work part time and I don't want to take time off. I also don't drive so that means public transport or my partner taking us (so then that means him taking a day off and also getting child care) plus I don't know were it is. I don't want to be travel ages to then go through stuff that quite frankly me and gp are ok to deal with. Really don't have the time or patience to be messing around, as I am busy as I also have a child with additional needs who I care for. I know how to deal with it for goodness sake as had it since childhood going through various episodes good and bad now this. Any one been to one? How long fare you there for ?

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Hi Spookylou,

You sound very stressed with it all & I am sorry that it does not sound like your new consultant has made it clear why they are making the new referral. However he would not do it unless he felt things could be improved in some way

After working in a tertiary/specialist centre for over 12 years now with patient with severe asthma, I did see cases like your & we tried hard to reassure patients that it is always good to refer on if thing cannot be done in local hospitals. Your new consultant may know what else is on offer now.

All I would say is do give it a try as you might find that the new consultant team will have new treatment & monitoring equipment that could help you & make your life much better. You may have go used to how you are with your asthma & maybe you could just be a better if they see you.

I don't know about other teams but if you came to our service it would be see the nurse to start with, then do some lung functions on kit that other hospitals often don't have, then see the consultant or registrar (who yes may need to speak to the consultant as well) then back to the nurse for summary & likely inhaler changes/advice etc.

So yes it can take a while on the first visit but it should be worth it. You could ring the consultants secretary once you get the appointment through who may well be able to answer your questions about how long it will be etc but you should ask to speak to the specialist nurse who really would be able to help you.

You never know they may say, your old team are doing all that there is to do & discharge you. But also you may find they can help to make your life even better for you, your partner & child

Good luck


Thanks. Just frustrated as I have managed pretty well over the years getting off maintance doses etc and I know when I need rescue steroids and when to take it easy. I also know stress doesn't help at all. My old consultant said I was severve brittle and seen me at my worst (pf 90) and my gp has sent off in an ambulance a few times. It just seems the new consultant doesn't know what I am like or read my massive file just wants to reduce meds and ten trigger me off. Which has happened and is scary. I also really dislike hospitals, I haven't been admitted for over 10years and the last time I did I then discharged myself after a week as on the 6 bedded unit everyone died so it really stressed me. I have a home neb and I am not daft I will seek help if I need it. I am also conscious of time off work as when I was really bad I was retired on ill health and don't ever want to go through all that again. Hopefully it will be ok. Thanks again.


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