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Asthma by physio!

The other night i was having a moan about asthma, today i'm having a laugh about it.

Last night i went to running club but only did about 2 miles, though slightly faster than i have been doing of late so my lungs were slightly twitchy today, definitely wouldn't say it was any worse than that.

Went swimming and did 80 lengths - without taking reliever beforehand and felt absolutely fine.

I went to my physio appointment cos i've got an injured foot (5th metatarsalgia apparently!) but she's also treating my back / ankles / calf muscles. The treatment today was very painful and i could feel myself getting tense / holding my breath against the pain etc Once she'd finished and i'd relaxed the cough started! I was hoping i could last until i was out before taking the inhaler (i wasn't exactly embarrassed at it actually being asthma but more, i think i felt silly for it being triggered by a physio session!). Anyway, when i went out to pay and book the next session both the physio and the girl on the desk were concerned about me asking did i want a glass of water or a cough sweet so decided to settle everyone's nerves (and my lungs) and take the inhaler.

Silly lungs again, ah well!

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Hello Jinglefairy,

Please don't do this sort of exercise without taking you reliever. It is better to be safe than sorry & you never know but you might run/swim even better than otherwise.

It is not a failure or anything negative to not take it. Anything that is going to possibly trigger you off & that includes exercise take it.

Bests to be safe


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