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Moving out

Hey all,

I hope that everyone is well :)

I'm honestly a bit confused with my lungs at the moment.

Two weeks ago I moved out of my parents house to live in university halls and study Clinical Photography. Both of my parents are heavy smokers and It was pretty tricky to get away from the second hand smoke :/

Since being at university I have managed to register with the local GP - I have made an appointment, but the closest she could fit me in without me missing any lectures was a week on Monday (its only really to sort out the repeat prescription). I have enough meds to keep me going in the mean time - I somewhat stock piled while my prescriptions were still free and I was in Sixth Form (full time education).

I have noticed that I am slightly more breathless since being here. If anything there are less allergens here ,no dog; very little smoke, but those allergens didn't really previously affect me.

I am actively trying to avoid my other triggers (anythings from the cold weather to exercise) but for obvious reasons this is not always possible.

The symptoms I am getting aren't really preventing me from doing things in my everyday life. I can still walk round the shops and walk between campuses pretty easily.

I suppose I was wondering if there was anything I could do in the mean time before I go and see the GP. I currently have it mostly under control and it is no where near bad enough to warrant A&E or an emergency appointment - though if my breathing does deteriorate I will make the decision to go to A&E.

Everyone I am living with has been really supportive and we have stayed in instead of going to clubs and bars where I am definitely going to bump into some of my triggers.

Many Thanks - Hope you are all well,



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I have the same trouble as you but dont know how it happened or what has caused it. One thing that makes me really bad is infections and then the steroids and worse infections so maybe that whats giving you trouble. But it could also be the altitude or the pollution like if you were living in the countryside then moved to somewhere like London it could make it worse.

You could also phone the advice line of asthma uk they have sometimes good advice or the british lung foundation ?

Hope you get better


Hi Faren,

Sorry you are having a tough time at the moment.

It could be just the move to a new environment that is not helping plus any new allergens that you may not have encountered.

Who to say that a cat did not live there even up to 4 years ago.

But any changes can effect your control.

Use your asthma management plan, don't be frightened of using your reliever as it says really ensure that you don't forget your steroid inhaler and consider your emergency short course of steroids if you have them. You can always get seen in a walk in centre if you are not too bad but never be worried about going to A&E before things get too bad better than leaving it.

Good luck but get into a GP as quick as you can so you can get the practice nurse to help you


PS Faren,

don't forget it is the second hay season of the year as well so it could be just that.


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