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Feeping trapped by my asthma :(

Hi there, Im new on forum, but been using this sítě lots. Please can anyone help? Im 39 & had asthma all my life. Control is up & down, but only hospital once when a child. Last few years asthma getting worse. Had lots stress which doesnt help (two sons one born v prematurel he hasy, both sons admitted hospital asthma,,one multiple times, etc .plus kidney disordersevere reflux & other son asthma, excema & sleep apnea issues etc. Ie my health always on back burner til i crash..

I am on 5 day Pred course just now , also Fostair 100/6 (2x puffs twice daily, but currently 2x puffs 4x day with foster up. Plus Terbutaline 500 mcg daily (currently bout 8/10 puffs daily) also Cetirizine as required

I have had 3 courses of Prednisalone in last 6 months. Started Fostair in May, but just had another attack. Triggers vítal infections/colds. Finally i suffer from severe tremors & palpitations from Turbutaline, but Salbutamol doesnt seem to reach my lungs as well. I also suffer depression badly & insomnia from Pred making me feel desperste. Cant work/play/look after kids or even manage housework. Life štrain on whole family :(

Any advice please greatly received. Eg what is next step up if these meds not controlling? Also should i ask for Respiratory consultant referral or am i not bad enough? My gp asthma nurse mentioned it. Thanks in advance, Hannah

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I'd say you definitely need to see a respiratory consultant, I think every asthma sufferer should be under the care of one tbh.

It must be so difficult managing a household with children when you feel unwell, little wonder you feel a bit low (hugs)


Thankyou so much for replying it means alot. Bizarrely my peakflow & sats (on my readings anyway) seem okish, so worried Drs wont take seriously. Do you or anyone else know what next step in treatment might be please? Thnx in advance, feeling lonely with all of this poorliness!



I also got montelukast and uniphyllin not just inhalers these are some tablets. One is a bronchodilator and not sure what the other one is. But both are for asthma.

Hope u feel better soon?


Sending you a hug, it sounds like you have been having a difficult time. Is there a way you can tackle the stress aspect, doing yoga or other destressing activities, or just a daily walk? Can you get counselling/ CBT help through referral at your GPs?


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