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Nose pinching to tackle asthma

A quick and natural fix for asthma by pinching your nose.

First see the article by the distinguished Swedish scientist Dr. Eddie Weitzberg on


It is a question of the art of breathing through the nose so that nitric oxide (NO) is supplied to the lungs. Dr. Weitzberg writes:

“He nevertheless continued and went on to the next step where one holds the breath after each inhalation. He allowed the air to gently press up in the nose against the sinus and frontal sinus. It was then very easy to do the exercise and helped his asthma immediately. Now he is almost free from his medicine.

He emphasises the importance of closing the nose with the fingers and holding the breath so that the air creates a slight pressure upward in the nose. This raises the air supply to the sinuses, where Nitric Oxide is generated. In this way one can benefit from the threefold effect NO has - relaxing and dilating the blood vessels, increasing the oxygen absorption in the lungs, and killing bacteria. He believes that all this is contributing to help him be free from asthma.”

I had asthma from early childhood and it lasted till two years ago and then disappeared, so I do have a fund of experience.

The method seems to be 10 times more effective and much more natural than pursed lips breathing. Before permanently emigrating I lived in Kent.

I guess you just have to live with the fact that nitric oxide in exhaled air is also an indicator of lung diseases.

Cheers, Richard Friedel, Starnberg.

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This research on nitric oxide seemxs to be wrong, since in asthma the level of nitric oxide is raised. A scientific mystery.


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