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My Girlfriend is Asthmatic

I am planning to get married but the Girl is Asthmatic.

1. What should I do? Should I go ahead.

2. What should I expect in the marriage life should I marry her?

3. Does it mean our children may also be asthmatic.

Her Asthma only started last year and that is when she realised but upto nw the attacks are very frequent. She is already seeing a doctor regularly.

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Sorry to hear your girlfriend has been diagnosed with Asthma, it can be a hope is condition.

Asthma can often take a while to gain control and establish the best medication for the individual. Is this maybe why your girlfriend is seeing her doctor alot at the min? Sounds like she needs support and love as it can be a scary time.

As for whether you should marry her.....

In my honest opinion, if you love someone deeply and are even considering marriage, then I feel that her Asthma shouldn't even be part of that decision?? She is who she is, whether she has Asthma or not!! If you are looking for a wife that has no 'faults' or 'blemishes', then maybe you aren't quite ready for marriage??

As for whether future children will have Asthma....yes, it can be hereditary. But then other factors can cause it/be a part of the diagnosis.

From your post, I feel that maybe you aren't ready for such a step?? When I married my husband I married for better or worse, in sickness and in health. We both have asthma..and I also have epilepsy. Our current health issues had no bearing on whether we should get married!!

I think the first thing you should do is to get to know your girlfriends condition more. Maybe go along to appointments with her and learn more about asthma and the way it affects her individually. Knowledge can empower you.

Best wishes for the future


I agree with Emily, if the asthma is so much of a deciding factor, perhaps you are not ready for marriage yet?? if you are worried about how her asthma may affect your relationship then you should probably try to find out as much as possible about how it affects her and what might be causing it.


Is this even a serious Post??? surely not??

Should i marry her, she has Asthma? She doesnt have 2 heads does she?



Hmmmm...this is a tricky one, because obviously it's difficult to say! Personally, I can't imagine marrying someone who even considered my asthma a factor in our relationship. Ultimately, the decision is down to her though really! Ask her if she feels she can be in a happy and committed relationship despite the fact that you think asthma matters in a relationship, maybe she thinks it'll be too big an issue to get over??

As to what you should expect in marriage. Hmm....well I'd hope a loving committed relationship where you look after her and she looks after you. Where you're both equal in working and house work (as much as your health allows) and where you honestly care about each other as a PERSON not someone with a medical condition.

Yes your children may be asthmatic. They also deserve a father (or mother - if you're a gay couple) who loves them unconditionally, despite any illness, disability or problems they may be born with!


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