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whooping cough??

I have had mild asthma for the past 2 years and about 3 months ago I noticed that I was using my blue a lot more. My mum went into denial I think and so I didn't get to the gp until I woke her up coughing at night. I was given flutiform and a course of pred which seemed to be working. I then went on a camping trip with my school (6th July) and three days later I wound up in coital with my first attack. I was given nebs and sent home from camp. At home I had two more attacks in three days and then another about a week ago. I went to the asthma clinic where the respiratory consultant told me that due to the ""sudden onset"" of my bad asthma, the fact that I cough sometimes (at night, when I do peak flow) and that I wasn't responding well to the steroids (salbutamol works perfectly fine) that I don't have asthma (or at least only very mildly) but that I had had whooping cough which made me short of breath and then panic attacks.

I had not had a cough since November so I find it highly unlikely that this could be the cause but I have been told to come off all my meds and I am now feeling rubbish with tight chest all the time. I am now worried that I am going to end up back in hospital as I can hardly do anything without needing

Should I get another appointment or just wait it out and see what happens???

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Stupid autocorrect **hospital **

Didn't proofread and then couldn't edit


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