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Dairy and asthma?

Hi, I suffered from asthma as a child and then in my teens it seemed to disappear. Then four weeks ago I started with a cough which got worse and worse, then I started to wheeze, so I went to my go surgery and the nurse put me back on inhalers, my condition didn't change in fact it got worse. The asthma nurse decided to put me on a short course of steroids which seemed to budge it a little, but I was still getting better really slowly. Anyway I've been looking on the internet to get more info on the condition and found a few site say dairy products can cause asthma symptoms. I stopped all dairy products on Sunday and feel 90% better. Is it a coincidence or have other people found the same?

Thanks in advance

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I have asthma and when it's bad I sometimes cut down on dairy products. Milk and cheese can sometimes affect the small airways and add to the increase of phlem production and cause you to cough more which can make you wheeze. So by cutting out dairy may have an affect on your symptoms.


Hi please read my posts give, up all dairy full stop .


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