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Bronchitis, steroids help! Side effects?

I'm 35 and over 2 weeks ago was diagnosed with chest infection, given 250mg amoxicillin... which didnt work. By then real chest pain, pulled muscle from coughing and resting heart rate of 120bpm.

I moved house and my new doctor prescribed 500mg amoxicillin and 6 prednisolone steroids a day for 5 days. Said that should clear it.

Finished all of those and still have pain in right side of my chest, exhausted just walking the stairs and in a panic.

I went to see the doctor again today, he said he can still hear crackling in my chest, it's a nasty infection and my resting heart rate 100bpm,he said I now should take a long course of steroids, prednisolone: 4 a day for a week, then 3 a day for a week, then 2 a day for week then 1 a day for week.

Does this sound right? I feel like I should have a chest xray the right side of my chest hurts so much. I'm also upset about side effects.

Am I going to get a fat face and put on weight. How long will it take before I feel right again? What were your recovery times like?

Please tell me how prednisolone has affected you.

Grrrr. I want to go out and enjoy the Summer!

Any responses appreciated, fed up of bed rest and would like to feel I am not alone in this.

Thank you . x

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Sorry you're still not right. Pred will sort you though it's not too nice. I've had basically 2weeks with

No pred out of the last 12 and have been on anything from 16 tablets to the usual dose of 8 per day then a gradual taper. Your dose sounds pretty low really so you should be fine. Apart from no sleep at all I've not got the fat face or anything from it just shakes headaches insomnia nervousness and cramps! All manageable compared with not being able to breathe! A week even at a very high dose wasn't enough for me sounds like you are the same

Hope it sorts you out


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