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Do I have Ashtma

Hi everyone about two years ago I had very bad shortness of breath so went to my GP. I was told that I was taking mefication for Asthma and according to my records had asthma even though no one had actually told me I had asthma before this. I was prescribed a blue inhaler witjout being shown how to use it and that was it. I have only had two other attacks since then one of them a couple of days ago after hoovering. I had a burning in my chest and found it very difficult to breath and it was worse than the previous one which was triggered by a deodorant spray. It took about 2 hours to calm but had difficulty breathing into the night. After my back and chest were very sore and I was exhausted. I found my blue inhaler but it was out of date. I am worried and havent been to the gp not sure do I need to get another inhaler and who do i ask to show me how to use. I am a 49 year old women and do i have asthma or intermittent asthma. Should i have a inhaler all the time. Just not sure. Any help advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi J11, I think you should make another appointment to see your Doctor, they will probably listen to your lungs, and give you another inhaler. If you do have Asthma, (which you would think they would tell you, though not all Doctors do), then you should have the blue inhaler on repeat prescription. Your Doctor should be able to show you how to use your inhaler, but if not, your doctors surgery should have an asthma clinic, ask if they do, and if you can make an appointment (after seeing your doctor first). Take your inhaler with you, and the Asthma Nurse will probably ask you to take it in front of her and check you know how to take it. They can also answer any questions you may have, and check how your symptoms are.

As for the deodorant spray, I would say DO NOT USE IT! Use a roll on or stick deodorant, aerosols are bad for asthma. So is hoovering, and I was once advised at a hospital never to do it because I have asthma. If it does trigger your asthma and you still intend to hoover (if you can't get anyone else to do it) I would take the blue inhaler half an hour before you hoover, that should make it easier on your asthma and help relieve your symptoms before they start.

Good Luck, and make sure you go back and see your Doctor.


Thank you so much Turbo Girl for your advice. Will make an appointment to see my doctor. J11


You should deffo get back to your doc to sort out whats going on to make sure you have the best possible treatment!!

Also J11 is the respiratory ward in my local hosp - lol!


Turbo Girl. Best to go to your doctor and explain what's happened. It's a good idea to write any questions down on a piece of paper to remind you what to ask. I often think of questions after I've left the surgery! Good luck and I hope things improve for you.


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