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Viral-induced asthma diagnosis

I suffered with asthma from the age of 11 up until about 18. Am currently 35 and have a had a nasty viral infection for the last few weeks. It has resulted in a an inflamed airway and a persistent night time cough. I visited the docs today and she says that the virus has aggravated my asthma symptoms and has given me a salbutamol reliever. I had a peak flow of about 340. My question is two fold really. Is it possible for the asthma to flare up after so many years with no symptoms and if so are they likely to stick once am fully over the virus?

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Hi there,

unfortunately you can develop asthma at any age, and if you've had it in the past, even a long time ago, it's more likely.

However, there are variations of respiratory virus that can cause acute asthma in people who don't have background asthma - so as soon as the virus is gone, the body slowly returns to normal and you don't have either persistent asthma or many triggers. You may find that you continue to get asthma with respiratory viruses in future, but with few symptoms in between... but you won't know that for a while.

So - I'm afraid the answer is yes - flares come out of the blue, and there's no way of knowing whether you will go back to being asthma-free (or largely asthma-free) as soon as you beat the virus.

Sorry not to be able to give you better news!



Hi, I developed viral induced asthma 6 years ago after no history of asthma and I'm still asthmatic. If anything unfortunately my asthma seems to be worsening in severity.

I'm not sure tbh how it'll play out for you but i hope you feel better soon (hugs)



I developed asthma aged 19, mostly triggered by viruses; now I'm aged 36 and it the last 4 years the asthma has become much more difficult to manage, mainly the exacerbations triggered by viruses. Other triggers I can mostly manage but viruses are the worst for me and as I understand they can cause a lot of difficulties for asthmatics.

I'm hoping some of my difficulties have arisen from having a few viruses and exacerbations close together rather than an overall deterioration in things.


Viruses are a nightmare, no other trigger makes me more poorly.

Virus= exacerbation=Pred and several courses of antibiotics.


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