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Educational Asthma Online resources aimed at parents


I am a postgraduate student at the University of Glasgow, and as part of my research project on my MSc Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy, I have developed an interactive educational package about asthma. The package is aimed at parents of asthmatic children, or recently diagnosed adults to improve their knowledge on asthma by use of an educational animation and interactive questions.

As part of my research, user feedback is of great importance. I am therefore asking, that if you are interested and willing, if you would download and try out my software. Instructions on how to download and access the software are included within the dropbox file, (you do not need to have a drop box account to access the information), and any feedback provided will be anonymous and only used within my Master’s research project.

All requests for research must be vetted by Asthma UK's Research department before posting - please contact for more details



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