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Regular Mucus of a Morning

Hi all,

First post here. I'm 22 and the last few years I have experienced regular wheezing and always seem to pick up a chest infection. Sometimes it feels infected and sore, whereas sometimes its just white mucus that doesn't seem infected. Just a nuisance but once coughed up I'm fine for the day.

I take:

2 Puffs of Seretide 125ml Twice a day (Volumatic)

Ventolin (if needed)

Throughout this time I have been on steroids that obviously help if I'm feeling particularly bad, and I went through a phase of taking one montelukast every night that helped my peak flow increase over time and it did help.

I have came off the montelukast the last few months and seem to be experiencing a bit of a wheeze again. Nothing too drastic, but its there.

a) Do you think I need the Montelukast again?

b) Are there any side effects of montelukast?

c) How much of an impact does a dusty bedroom have? (I am probably guilty of this!)

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well, if you felt better on the montelukast it's probably worth going back on it! There arent nasty long ter side effects, if you were on it for more than a few weeks you'll know if you exerienced and side effects (its not like pred which can have side effects you dont really notice if you're on it for a long time!) Why did you come off the montelukast?

Dusty bedroom - it depends if you're allergic to dust mites! lol!


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