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needing advice on VCD

hi all im new

im looking to hear from others who mite have VCD

i started having breathing difficuties when i was pregnant with my daughter 9 years ago

had useal tests but nothing so i left it

but last year its got so bad i had go back to see gp ,i had xrays etc but my lungs are fine ,had computerised breathing tests and running machine this was when they picked up it mite be from my throat

so 6 weeks ago i had appointment to see surgeon at ENT dept who puted camera up my nose ,and noticed my vocal cords werent opening as they should but needs longer camera to go further down and video it ,

also he sent me for CT scan on my chest and neck which waiting for results from

its geting so embrassing now as keep geting stoped in shops ,in the street to see if im ok etc as i cant walk more than 100 yards without it happening and its affect my work too

i actually broke down this morning upset

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Dear Amberspy

I have been diagnosed as having mild asthma and VCD by the Royal Brompton Hospital in 2011, and use breathing exercises to control the VCD and inhalers for the asthma.

When you see your GP/consultant next try to get referred to a physiotherapist who specialises in lung exercises, specifically diaphragm breathing exercises, which will help you recover from an attack. Please find below the notes from the physiotherapist that I saw which might help:

1. Extend the neck, this will open your vocal cords. (Tilt your head back slightly)

2. Breath in and out through your nose trying to slow down the breathe in.

3. It you are struggling try adding in an inspiratory sniff.

4. You can breathe out through pursed lips when you have acute symptoms.

Keep well hydrated and when your breathing is controlled take your salbutamol inhaler as prescribed if your chest still feels tight.

In addition to the above I normally breath in to a count of 3 and breath out to a count of 4 to avoid any risk of hyperventilation, and find somewhere quiet if possible that I can sit down and relax, which helps both the asthma and VCD.

I hope that this helps and best of luck.



hi there ,thanks for your reply

one thing i should have said i dont really get an ATTACK which is strange ,as im breathless and wheezy as soon as i walk or start any tasks ,its really geting me down as im young in my mind:) im 41 ,its geting so embrassing geting stoped by strangers all the time ,i dont know how cope any more


Hi Amberspy

Don't give up hope, it took me a long time before I found somebody who could give me an effective way to deal with my situation, but I got there in the end.

Strangers do mean the best, but can be a problem when you are having a difficult day, especially if they start to panic, I find the best way of dealing with the situation is to do what I need to do to manage my condition and to ignore them until I am in control. Unfortunately, getting upset will probably make your situation worse.

If you don't get anywhere with your ENT consultant, see if they could refer you to a specialist centre, such as the Royal Brompton Hospital in London.

I hope this is of same help.



hi garp

thanks for your reply

hopefuly i get my appointment in couple wks as had cancel my app as my wee girl was il and she needed me

can i ask what sort of treatment u had if you dont mind

and how do u react to day to day tasks ,walking etc



Hi im a fellow sufferer i hope your still on this site as id love to talk to someone like me


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