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Pregnancy (not yet but planning)

My partner and I are having serious conversations about trying to have a baby in the next few months. We are getting married in September and want to start trying as soon as we're married. I just wondered what experiences people have of managing asthma in pregnancy and how you feel about taking meds.

I am on high dose Symbicort, Salbutamol and montelukast. I have stopped the montelukast in the last few weeks just to see how I am, although it's hard to tell whether I'm a bit more wheezy because of stopping it or because of the pollen and humidity. I worry about the Symbicort, whether the high dose has any effect on things like birth weight or carries any other risks. But I doubt I'd be well controlled enough if I reduced it.

I plan on talking to my GP when we actually start trying, but I just wondered what others' experiences are.

Thanks :)

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