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Not used an inhaler and my asthma has improved? Confused!

Hi all

I haven't use any inhaler now for about a month due to me not being able to afford prescriptions. I had free ones, tried to renew it and they messed up my application (apparently I only need 20p a week to live on!). I can't re-apply it for another few weeks according to the man on the phone when I tried to get it changed. I live on £10 a week so can't save up quickly, nor can any of my family help me out.

Anyway, I've found that my asthma has improved! The first few days when I tried to stagger what I had left were difficult, but I've fund I'm better now than when I was using my inhaler (Symbicort). I'm not that active at the moment, other than a few hours of pilates a day, so maybe that helps. Likewise, I've been laying off junk food as I know that always makes it worse. I'm just finding it rather odd! I still wake up at night and cough a lot in the morning, but that's a lot better than I was before.

I'm really confused by it all and starting to think that maybe I have the wrong inhaler. Can they be too strong?

Any ideas?

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Hi Rachel ,

Please make sure you keep a reliever with you glynis


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