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any one else get this

Hi guys,

I'm 14 and relatively new to asthma and I had my first real attack earlier this week, followed by two others. For the last two I was taken to a and e where I was given a couple of nebs and sent home again. The doctor told me to take my salbutamol inhaler six puffs every four hours and I am no longer tight but I have a stabbing pain in the centre of my chest and in the bottom of my left lung every time I breathe in.

I was just wondering if this is something I should be worried about or if it is normal and will pass quickly.


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Any new or unexplained chest pain needs checking out!! It is most likely strained muscles from the effort you have been putting into breathing but there are a couple of rare, but nasty things which can cause those symptoms, and so it does need checking. If you're not especially concerned then go to GP and they will rule out most issues. it could also potentially be an infection which can cause nasty pain for some people, and thats something you woud want to be able to deal with!! :-)


Thanks, I have an appointment with my gp tomorrow so I will ask about it then :)


Could be that you have plurisy (painful) and that your muscles are recovering from your asthma attack, It's common to have chest pain post asthma attack. Hope the GP can help. Lx



I'm 18 and have had this a few times, but I've had Asthma all my life and I only got this sort of pain after I had acute Pneumonia, which left severe scarring on my left lung. I'm pretty sure it is to do with small muscle contractions above the diagphram if the pain is lower down your chest, which would make sense if you've had several attacks in a short period of time. For me it happens most during cold weather and can be intense for a couple of minutes and go away or be less intense for a day or two, but it goes away pretty soon :)

If the pain gets any worse or if the pain spreads then you should really get in touch with your consultant. They may even be able to help in terms of pain relief until it subsides if it is a side effect of the attacks. If in doubt, get checked out! I hope this helps :)


Thanks all, some paracetamol sorted it out pretty well and it all went away after a couple of days but this eased my mum's worrying anyway :)


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