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Frustrated & Dont believe i have!

Hi all. My names Stacy and im 31 from Glasgow.

Ive come here to seek some opinions on my situation and thought here would be best as today ive been told my lung specialist 'thinks' I have asthma.

A year ago come August I contracted severe whooping cough...I was ill for months. The cough and phlegm has never went away and I keep taking really bad chest infections, with alot of blood and pus in my phlegm, im just not the same anymore and obviously I went to my dr seeking answers.

After alot of messing about I was sent to the lung specialist, who ordered bloods for allergy testing and also gave me a bronchoscopy ( which he botched up, most horrid experience of my life). I went back today to be told he thinks I have asthma and my bloods were positive for dust mite allergy. He basically said he will still get a ct scan done but if I dont hear from him again it means the scan was fine.

Now bearing in mind I was perfectly healthy until I got Whooping can this be asthma? My mum has pretty bad asthma, and im pretty positive I do not have this! Im so angry and frustrated as I so want to get to the bottom of what is wrong with convinced I have Bronchiectasis. I feel like he is just palming me off because he doesnt know exactly what is wrong with me. He gave me no where do I go from here? Do I go back to my own GP? What can they do to help me? I could honestly cry cos I feel like ive just been left to figure this out and deal with it myself.

I just dont understand how having whooping cough can make me all of a sudden have asthma.

Can anyone here confirm that it is possible? Or has anyone developed asthma as an adult after having a severe chest infection?

Thanks in advance xx

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Hi Stacy.

You've come to exactly the right place. There are loads of people here who will have ideas and suggestions that have helped them and might help you.

My understanding is that although your specialist thinks that you have asthma, probably triggered by house dust mite allergy, you suspect that it's something else - possibly bronchitis. I have never been in this position but I'm sure that someone here has been and will be able to help.

On the practical side, however, I think that you might find it worthwhile to attack the house dust mites anyway, rather than waiting for a definitive diagnosis - it can't hurt and it might help. Vacuum your carpets (and your bed) every day, dust using a damp cloth and wash your bedding at 60 degrees. It sounds a lot to do each day but it very quickly becomes a habit that you don't notice! Give it a couple of weeks and it should start making a difference to how you feel.

Good luck



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