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Awaiting formal diagnosis

Hi newbie here im waiting to get a formal diagnosis of Asthma, but after reading posts on here am pretty sure I have cough variant asthma.

Started with a cold that turned into a really nasty chesty cough that wouldnt go, and I wasnt coughing anything up. Finally ended up at the docs after a really bad day of coughing and not being able to breathe from coughing.

2 lots of antibiotics, 1 clear chest x-ray and a course of tablets to treat acid, the doctor decides it could be asthma.

Got given a ventolin inhaler to take 4 times a day and referred for further tests. The constant rattly chest and feeling like I need to cough has eased greatly with regular use of the inhaler and I am now only using it when I feel my symptoms flaring up. Some days it can be once a day, other times more often. Sometimes it doesnt seem to provide any relief unless I use it a few times close together.

Had my tests yesterday and the nurse said the results were higher than predicted. My peak flow was the same before and after the ventolin, as was the spirometery results.

The nurse seems to think I have early mild asthma and will benefit from a steroid inhaler and regular peak flow monitoring.

However my peak flow was the same at the doctors and at the hospital. The first time at the doctors was when I was really bad, at the hospital my symptoms were a lot better.

I am hoping that the doctor wont just take into account my results, and look at the fact the inhalers have given an improvement.

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