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How can anyone maintain any job with this?


I got brittle asthma and had university and a job as a private tutor but lost them both. Tried to keep at least my job working about 6-8 h each week teaching kids but that too couldnt. Cannot just sit at home all day everyday. Had interviews too but when they came was in hospital ?.

At home too many times just too tired to go and do the shopping or to cook a meal.

Any advice how to get over the tiredness ? I only have asthma and maybe copd but nothing else.

Thanks in advance


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Sorry you are having a bad time,

Just need to pick up on your comment ""only have asthma nothing else""...... Asthma symptoms make you so tired, flare ups/attacks and hospital stays are scary!

I am new to asthma, only diagnosed April 2013 with adult onset asthma. I have had a recent 5 night stay then at home doing nothing and even that has made me tired haha. Drs have just started to mention brittle/severe asthma and it's a scary world.

Only advise I can give you.... And I am trying to follow it myself, take each day as it comes...... Build yourself up bit by bit and don't expect too much too soon.

Hope I have been some help, you are not alone



Hi Yas

Sorry you're having a bad time! I was diagnosed 9 years ago - turned out I'd always had asthma just never been diagnosed until a sinus surgery made the condition much worse and then drs were able to diagnose!!

I have been left with permanent nerve damage in my face and severe asthma and have been unable to get a permanent role for 4 years now having taken redundancy to try and get well. I at last got prescribed the right nerve suppressants for my permanent facial pain after 5 years but although my asthma is usually managed the slightest thing can cause me probs.

I sometimes despair of ever feeling well again but I try to remember I am still alive (indeed that is my favourite quip with my health care people!) and that there are so many people I have personally known who are now gone who would take what I have rather than nothing at all!

Try to be positive ( I know how you feel about the job front) but remember as other people here have said, you're not alone and we do all know how you're feeling and how tough it can sometimes be - try to believe that things will improve/your situation may change and most of all keep talking - other folks are always around to help and encourage!

Molly 1999 xxx


Hello, I'm still at school but I haven't been for ages now, I had an asthma attack in December and they haven't been able to stabilise me since. However I have been told it's the steroids that make you tired, sometimes I can just walk down the stairs and feel like I've just ran a marathon. Damn them steroids and their 1000's of horrible side affects.



Wow this all sounds too familiar and close to home for me too. Sorry, I'm new here, just found it for information and it looks like I struck gold. Yas, I read your post and can only imagine how hard it must be for you. My symptoms are (I think) pretty mild compared to many people I know, but it still makes me tired all day too. Concentrating is my biggest problem, but I manage all right I suppose. To all, have courage!


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