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Asthma Worrys

Hi all,

I have had Asthma since I was a toddler, im now in my 30's. I always get chest infections guaranteed every year but over recent years when I have been unwell my chest infections have had unusual symptoms which include stabbing pains in my lungs and dull aches. These symptoms have always cleared when I have got better, I was just wondering is this normal and does any one else get these symptoms. Also over the pass week I have developed a dry cough which seems to be getting worst I do worry about my health quite allot and was wondering how long should I leave it before seeing my GP.

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Aches and pains are pretty normal for me with chest infections, sometimes just the infection/asthma, could also be costocondritis or pleurisy. If you're worried or it's not normal for you then maybe you should see your gp. A dry cough is a symptom of asthma so sounds like it might be getting worse. Have you been monitoring pf to see if there's a correlation?

As for how long to leave it before seeing gp, my experience is that if your health is declining/not normal for you then the sooner you see them the better (else they'll tell you off for leaving it so long.


Yes been monitoring my pf for couple of days, the readings are normal. Ill monitor my cough over the weekend too she how it is, if it gets worse ill go and see my GP next week. Thankyou for the information and advice.


Hi mate

Now 65 and started with the asthma in my 30s, otherwise identical symptoms same as you.


I have that stabbing pain in my lung everyday, I have been told it's because your lungs are working that hard(by consultant) & it's only normally in my right lung..



Well I went to my gp and she said up your dose of clenil and take anti histamines, my cough is still here and its starting to worry me a little. Not really what to do next all I can think of is going back to my gp but its really difficult to get an appointment.


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