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Doctor Asthma Review - HELP!!

Hi all,

I apologise in advance for this being my first post and half of a rant.

I have had an Asthma check up at my doctors booked in from 4 weeks ago to today so they can renew my repeat prescription and the day has arrived and an hour before my appointment I have had a call to say they have had to cancel my appointment due to shortages and the next appointment isn't available until the 15th of August :/ luckily I can still get a repeat prescription currently but this does mean that I will have waited 10 weeks for an appointment and as it is fast approaching hayfever season it is where I am most vulnerable.

Does anybody know where else I could get a repeat prescription or would it be best to move doctors?

Regards Mark

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Move drs Mark!! I have today had a very recent argument today with my drs regarding dispensing of asthma medication and am changing surgery tomorrow!!

I think the health care industry moan about asthmatics (see the recent news) not managing our condition properly but half the time it's because the people we deal with (especially guilty are GPs) have less experience than we do with this condition. My hospital consultant says ""nobody knows your illness like you do"" and allows me to self regulate several of my medications as he says that over the years he has seen how sensible my drug use has been - it would seem the new GPs at my surgery don't agree even tho they are only GPs and he is a MR (consultant) with experience of respiratory diseases and conditions over the entire world.

It is indeed my frustration with my GP today that has led me to this AMAZING website!! Definitely bookmarked!

Change GP Mark if you can.

Molly 1999


Hi Mark!

Yep Molly is right change the gp. I get same day reviews / appointments at my new gp? but sometimes a bad dr and have to ask to see a different one. Keep trying maybe get a bigger gp small ones arent the best but if its too big its not good either . Look online before registering and read peoples reviews as well.

Hope u get better


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