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Pneumonia or asthma


Advice please if poss folks?

I had a stay in hospital just under a month ago as somehow managed to get bacterial pneumonia and was really struggling to breathe. I had Iv antibiotics and nebulisers and oxygen. I am only a mild asthmatic have a brown and blue inhaler but normally I can go weeks if not months without needing the blue one. I have an asthma review on thurs and a follow up chest X-ray next week but I'm waking up in the night wheezing and needing my blue inhaler almost every couple of hours thru the day. It's weird it's not tight feeling it's like I'm breathing but there's no air it feels like when you've held your breath under water for too long I go all light headed my limbs shake and my lung feels like it's bursting full but to no avail!

I've never really had an asthma attack. Is this one or do you think it's still pneumonia symptoms? Thanks in advance.

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