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Overheating neb machine

Hi all - wondered if anyone has any experience of this, my main neb machine is a pari turboboy and i find that when i have to do my morning and night nebs (which take ages) the tube REALLY gets hot next to the machine - I dont really know why this is - and i also dont know if it is a problem?? Anyone got any ideas??

Also, the pari machine can be washed with loads of things, but the omron micro air i use as my portable seems to be a bit more fussy - id rather do them both together, has anyone found anything good that the omron can be washed in??

I washed my pari before i went away to uni for a few weeks (where i used the old one the hosp gave me) and when i came back it tasted funny when i was using is - i had thought as it was cleaned right before i went it would ave been ok - my question is does anyone know if this is 'immediately harmful' ie if in future i notice it tastes manky i should stop immediately, or is it more a case of 'finish this neb and then clean it again'? Dont want to put myself at risk of getting infections, but also can't see why it would be going off if it was clean and dry, so wondered if it was just 'different' tasting!

Erm - last thing, my flatmate stepped on my 'mouthpiece' attachment for my neb, and it roke (sigh!! The mess assosciated with moving out got to us a bit!!) and while im waiting for my new one to arrive i kind of have to use the mask, the other option would be to dig out the hosp one that i keep tucked away as backup or for in other houses etc, but thats a bit of a pain - anyone know if its gonna ruin my skin over a short time period?? And is there much i can do to look after my skin?? I tend to shower after the evening one, but the morning one not so much!!

thanks team :-)

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I always use a mask, and my skin is fine. In fact at 41, I've been mistaken for being a good ten years younger LOL.

I have an Omron - I boil the mesh and med container for 10 mins once a week, and after each use I rinse the med container then turn it in with a bit of tap water in it to clean the mesh. The instructions in the booklet are so complicated because it's designed to be able to be multi patient use in a clinical setting. I spoke to Evergreen about this and they said what I was doing is fine as it's single patient home use. Easy peasy :-)


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