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Swapping between inhalers

So I have just got back from my asthma nurse and she feels that I am in a place where I can reduce my Flutiform dosage from 125/5 two puffs twice a day, to 50/5 two puffs twice a day which is excellent, But since I am still having issues on 125/5 when I have a cold/around triggers I am to use the 125/5 when I have issues... Does anyone else have this? Where you have a different dosage of inhaler depending on how well you are doing?

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I too have this flexibility with my seretide, but I stick with one inhaler, the 250, and can take either 1 puff twice a day or 2 puffs twice a day depending how I am. So I can get between 500 and 1000ug of steroid with just one inhaler. In the past I also had the option of the 125 inhaler too so could reduce right down to 250ug of steroids when I was doing well, but my asthma's nowhere near good enough to do this anymore, infact even with 1000ug I'm struggling.

It does mean you end up with part inhalers hanging around when you've had to suddenly increase to the higher inhaler when you flare up, but when it comes to decreasing, you need to do it slowly anyway so I always used to use a full inhaler for 2 puffs twice a day, then a full inhaler 1 puff twice a day, then if I was still Ok, then move to the lower dose inhaler (not sure this makes sense sorry)

I feel this flexibility really helps as you can react immediately to the start of a flare without having to see the Gp, and therefore minimise the effect of the flare


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