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Here we go again! Advice appreciated

Hi everyone, not been on here for a while so my brief history this year goes like this: repeated infections proven with sputum tests as always told my chest is clear, consultant started me on Azithromycin 3 times a week, as he now thinks I have broncistatus (can't spell sorry) although I had CT last August to check for this there was no evidence but he said he doesn't think that's the case now after all the infections.

I've had a good run on feeling quite healthy and 'normal' but last few days I've felt a bit off, yesterday felt pressure in my chest and urge to cough constantly..... Stupid pathetic little coughs came out. Today I feel raw from throat all the way down and across my chest, hurts to breathe and coughing brought tears to my eyes it hurt that much, peak flow has dropped to 300 from 350 so not a big change.

Anyway I guess my question is that I thought long term antibiotics would of stopped this from happening? Was going to go to the walk in centre for a bit of advice as I feel so rotten but not sure what they can do.

Lisa x

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Azithromycin will help to reduce the number of infections, and it also has some anti inflammatory effect on the lungs, but it won't absolutely prevent all infections - no drug will do that. I would either go to walk in centre if you feel it's urgent enough today, or see your GP tomorrow. I take Azithromycin three times weekly and still get regular infections although they have reduced a lot.


Thank you Nursefurby

I battled on but eventually went to GP Tuesday and now currently on 3rd night stay in hospital. GP said I was borderline wether he got me a blue light ambulance or a normal transport one. After 2 nebulisers and lots of sats tests I convinced him I would be fine if my partner brought me in.... I really expected to be out that night or next morning at very latest.

Feeling more comfortable now with regular nebulisers, steroids and even more antibiotics. Drs said they are taking it day by day. I'm not allowed to walk abou as still breathless when talking too much, moving and coughing fits. I feel totally wiped out and this whole episode has really shocked me how serious it was.... I stupidly went to work Monday and Tuesday and used blue inhaler constantly.... Got a ticking off by my GP for that.

Only 2 weeks till end of term, hospital dr said I won't be returning as need my body to recover, I'm a bit disappointed as I won't see my nursery children graduation day.

So for the foreseeable future it's rest and hope for the best, hoping to be back home soon.

Lisa x


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