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How does asthma affect your child's sleep?

My son is 2 and was diagnosed a couple of months ago after having asthma attack (although asthma was suspected about 6 months previously due to night time coughing etc).

He wakes without reason sometimes in the night, and tends to wake at bang on 5.15 am every morning. I have read a few articles on how asthma can affect sleep and how respiratory functioning can drop to its lowest at around 4am, but obviously I have no way of knowing if my son is affected in this way or if its just typical toddler sleep issues.

His asthma is pretty well controlled at present, with brown Clenil inhaler twice a day, and we have not needed to use his reliever since having his attack.

Does anyone has any experience of this? Has anyone found things like anti allergy mattress protectors and clearing away cuddly toys etc to really help with sleep?

Any advice or info much appreciated.



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Hi, just a quickie....

How is he when he wakes?? Does he seem well?? If his asthma is well controlled and he isn't displaying symptoms on waking..could this be normal toddler behaviours?? It's very bright in the mornings too right now, and hot. My children are waking early due to the sun being so bright.

However when their asthma is bad, they tend to cough all night and this, along with coughing up mucus is what tends to disturb their sleep.

Hope that helps. X


Sometimes he is quite grouchy and upset when he wakes (but again this could be because he is tired), and other times he is fresh as a daisy. He hasn't had any night time coughing for a while, until this past week, which has been quite bad, but no other symptoms.

Maybe I'm just looking for something to explain his early rising as it is wearing us out ha ha, just thanks for response, just wanted to see what others' thoughts were. x


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