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I am new to Asthma, my 3 year old son was only diagnosed a few months ago although I have been told his symptoms are quite mild. I have just been to the doctor's this morning and got him some medicine for Hayfever, as I noticed lately his nose has been running for around 2 weeks, and he has been rubbing his eyes.

I was starting to suspect anyway, that his asthma may be triggered by pollen / dust as he seems to be worse when the weather is hot / and at night ( dust mites???)

Noticed form some of your threads that some of you have received allergy tests, and was just thinking that it may be an idea to get my son tested. We haven't been offered this yet, as my G.P's seem to be pretty unhelpful about the asthma.

Have any of you had this done through your G.P and found this helpful???

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you. x

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My son has had allergy testing but it was arranged by his consultant. He has had blood allergy tests and skin prick tests neither of which have shown up any allergies so far.

Despite this, yesterday as soon as we came across someone cutting grass he started coughing and his asthma hasn't been great since?

If you are unhappy with GPs treatment perhaps ask to be referred to a respiratory consultant at your local hospital?

Jenny x


Just flying past....

I was told that allergy tests aren't always accurate in the under fives. I can't remember how old Thomas is but maybe that's why the tests haven't shown a positive result but he is showing symptoms??


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