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Aspirin, Asthma and Voice

Hello everyone

I have a severe salicylate (aspirin) allergy, asthma and problems with my voice - most of the time it's just a croak and sometimes I have no voice at all. Some years ago someone on the old Asthma UK site told me this had a name - 'Somebody's Triad', but I can't for the life of me think of the 'someone's' name. Can anyone help please?

I hope you are all surviving this warm early summer weather and not having too many asthma problems.


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I believe what you're referring to is Samter's triad (aka Widal's triad or Francis' triad) : ""... a medical condition consisting of asthma, aspirin and NSAID sensitivity, and nasal/ethmoidal polyposis. It usually begins in young adulthood (twenties and thirties are the most common onset times) and may not include any other allergies.""


It looks like there's a tiny amount of not-very-proven evidence that you can improve it slightly through a diet that avoids certain food additives, salycilates and Omega-6 - not sure if that's something you're already trying? It seems like if it really 'worked' it would be fairly easy to prove so perhaps the effect is pretty small for most people.

Having a rubbishy voice is really tiring, I find. It's one of the first things that goes for me when my asthma is about to kick off (I don't have the triad) - people probably don't appreciate what a drain it can be on your energy.



Dear Curiouser

Thanks very much for the information. For some reason it feels better being able to put a name to it!

I have been on a low salicylate diet for almost 20 years. A build up can have serious consequences - I've been hospitalised many times with anaphylactic shock The diet can be pretty miserable at times but it's just one more thing we asthmatics have to deal with! It's hopeless trying to explain it. Fortunately I've never had problems with nasal polyps though.

I'm sorry you have voice problems too. It's a nuisance but at least it's good warning sign. I hope your asthma is controlled most of the time. As you say non- sufferers can't understand how we feel.

Take care



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