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Using a spacer

Stupid question alert!

When i'm using a spacer (aerochamber plus) how do i know if i'm getting the full dose?

Following advice from the AUK nurses i got my qvar autohaler changed to MDI with spacer and they said it might be enough to make a difference to my level of symptoms-control. She told me to monitor for 2-3 weeks, well i'm now nearly 2 weeks on and it hasn't made a jot of difference. In fact yesterday it felt as if i was worse (though i guess it could be a random blip), I did 80 lengths of the pool and as i was getting out i could feel my chest tightening and i spent the rest of the night coughing! I know that sounds a lot but i regularly do 80 lengths without problems and can sometimes do 100-110 lengths and be fine!

I *think* i'm doing it right cos when i use my reliever with the spacer i do feel the full effects - including the shakes LOL I squirt and then take a long slow deep breath so in theory i feel as if i should be getting the full dose but my lungs seem to think otherwise!

Maybe another call to the nurses / GP is needed, hmm

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tidal breathing - breathe in and out normally four times per dose/squirt. As advised by specialist resp physio. :)


thanks nursefurby, so is that just leave the moutjpiece in your mouth and breathe normal? The out breath doesn't affect what's still inside the spacer?


no - because its a one way valve. If you breathe out through the mouthpiece, the air is diverted out around the sides. If it makes you feel better you can breathe out through your nose ;)


ah of course - duh LOL

Thank you - i'll give that a go


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