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3 times a week?

I know the Asthma UK guidelines suggest your asthma is under control if you generally need to use your reliever inhaler 3 times a week or less but is that literally 3 x 2 puffs or 3 days a week?

I used to think my asthma was fairly well controlled but a few things recently have made me realise actually it hasn't been properly controlled for at least 12-18 months and i should've taken advice / steps to get better control before now.

On a bad day i'll often use my reliever more than 3 times in one day, especially when i've done a sporting (usually running) event. I've got a 10k race tomorrow and i'm anticipating using at least 8 puffs, or more like 16 if last year's event is anything to go by !!!!

Would that count as 8 times or 1 (day)

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I have bad asthma too it went from using the inhaler from a few times to just keep taking puffs ( try not to do that) seeing a dr might help sort ur trouble out. I am not sure but I think that would be using it 8x as u took 2 puffs 8 times in a day isnt? But if u take 8 puffs 2 times a day I think u should still see a doc

Hope u get better

I wish if I could run that much but maybe later it will happen!


Hi yas yes it's 2 puffs 8 times, last year i actually lost track of how many i'd had on race day - i do remember 2 puffs 5 times within 2 hours before / during / straight after the race!!!! I was with a friend and met a few of her other friends on the train after the race and one man in particular was quite worried about me, now at every race he sees me his first question is ""how's your breathing?""

As it happens i spoke to an asthma nurse about 10 days ago and she told me what needed changing so i saw my dr who gave me the new inhaler & spacer so i hope i'm some way to improved control. Bad thing is that i'm not 100% tonight after today's dancing lesson so tomorrow's race is likely to be difficult anyway!

Ah well, we'll see what happens and as long as i finish that's the main thing


My understanding is that you count each time you need to use your inhaler as once (however many puffs needed) and if needing it later that day it is a second time. I have been told by the asthma nurse not to include any needed for exercise but I do include any needed post exercise. I have been keeping a record of my inhaler/neb use in a little hard back book since last June with a separate column for exercise use and it is really useful as I think our memories can play tricks on us. Mine does anyway! And it is useful to give figures for the last month etc when going to appts. I also record any stepping up and down of meds or courses of pred.


thanks JF, well i've already used double my week's quota just today LOL

10k was hard, it was really hot and now i'm a coughing, voicless wonder!!!! Aside from the 2 puffs before the race i've used my inhaler at least 5 times today and likely will be using more before the day is out!! Feels like this will be a normal one that takes a full 2 days to properly recover from. Ah well



Its good that you did the race and you are sort of ok but at least you did it! Well done! I would say its a biv achievement but try to get your asthma under more control dont let it get you down and for now just keep resting or what i call huffing and puffing when you need it. Hope for the best ! Let us know how you get on!

Hope you get better!


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