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inhalers not helping 3 year old

Hi all

I'm new to asthma, only 1 auntie has it in the family. My 3 year old has been having issues since January & was hospitalised on 14th Feb & discharged as viral induced wheeze. Since then she has been on 6 lots of steroids, 3 lots of anti biotics & on the clenil & ventolin inhalers & montelukast granules.

She takes the clenil morning & night(2 puffs through chamber) then ventolin as & when needs it.

They don't do anything for her & is constantly chesty sounding when breathes. She sleeps perfect no issues there but does sound worse on exercise, I give her a few puffs off ventolin but again it makes no difference.

When she does sound at her worst & you ask is she sore anywhere she points to her throat. She does sound like full of phlegm like it's coming from throat area.

The doctors just seem to be happy to say it's probably asthma when I don't understand if it is why are the inhalers not doing what they are set out to do. We are due to see the paeditrition next week & just looking for some advice before we see him.

Has anyone else had the same/similar problems or suggestions on what could help.

I've changed washing powder/softner cut out dairy, we don't use aresols/candles etc

I really hope someone can help or give any advice

Farrah x

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It might be worth asking if she might be getting some post nasal drip? That can cause chest infections and presumably a sore throat, some kids do better once their adenoids are removed and things like that. Might be worth mentioning as it can often be treated with nasal sprays.

It could be that she'd do better with a long acting reliever in her inhaler as well, but that might be unsuitable for littluns - not sure!

If she is still getting a lot of difficulties and GP thinks it is asthma then it might be worth asking for her to be reffered to a respiratory consultant to get things properly checked out, check nothing is adding to it, and check that she's on the best treatment!

hope she's feeling better soon!


Thank you for your reply.

I'll definately ask the paediatrician this next Thursday, it's just so bizarre how neither inhaler seems to making any difference.

She woke at 0620 sounding hellish so gave her 10 puffs(ventolin ) & it's made very little difference.

I'm just lucky it's not bothering her but the poor wee thing is probably so used to it now.

Thanks again x


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