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Weather related asthma

I'm new here,

I recently had a flare up in my asthma, after 11 years!

I was taking the maximum dose of beclomethasone along with salbutamol 4 times a day, plus extra if needed.

I was then changed to Fostair as I could not have any more Beclo, it worked for me. I only get one side effect so I just deal with that (shaky like with salbutamol nebuliser), I think if that's the only thing that I get and it only lasts an hour or so then stick with it.

I now use this as my only inhaler and it has been sugested that I try and antihistimine too, I am not sure which one to try. I have tried loratadine and it doesn't seem to help.

With regards to inhailer/s I am on the right track.

Thank you for any help and sugestions.


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So do you use Fostair as both preventor and reliever (Fostair MART protocol) or do you use Fostair twice a day and salbutamol if you need it? Do you feel it is effective? How often are you needing to use a reliever (fostair or otherwise)? If it is more than three times a week then i'd suggest going back to your GP to check you're on the best dose for you - my understanding (and definately check this as its been a while since i stopped Fostair) is that you can be up to 4 puffs morning and night, with up to an extra 4 during the day! It might be the case that you can only be on that level of treatment under a consultant though! I found Fostair pretty effective for me, I know a few people who get on well with it as the long acting reliever works really fast and that can be good in the morning when your lungs are being grumpy!

There are several antihistamines you can try - I get on well with cetirizine, and then 'as needed' piriton, another commonly used one is fexofenadine. Did your GP not have any suggestions as to which one might be the best one to try? If not, it might be worth speaking to a pharmacist, they will know about which ones tend to work for asthmatics, and what tends to make you drowsy etc.


I use Fostair as my preventor and now my reliever too.

I use the Fostair 2times in the Morning and 2 times in the evening.

I can then use it another 4 puffs in the day. As per the information in the sheet and from Asthma Nurse.

I was on Fostair as a preventor Morning and Evening with Ventolin 4 times a day and as and when. This way I was taking the maximum dose of Ventolin.

The Fostair had worked for me at night mostly, by stopping me waking in the night for Ventolin. So we decided to give it a go as both preventor and reliever.

I have been using Loratadine. But will be changing it as it isn't working for me. Will probably try Citirzine, as is easily accessible.

The Nurse wasn't too sure which to suggest but mentioned trialing one that is to be taken 1 at night, not sure of the name? Begins with 'M' I think??


I've used citirizine for 10 years- I think it's supposed to be better with indoor and outdoor allergies. Now it's quit working quite as well, but my doctor is working on getting me levocitirizine, which is similar, but makes you less drowsy so you can take a higher dose.


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