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allergies to mold and fungi??


I saw my Consultant last week and he gave me results of a blood test. Aparantly I have high levels of allergen towards

Fungi and Mold - I have Allergic Asthma, other allergies are dust mites, animal hair and grass/flower/tree pollen.

I was just wondering if anyone else here has it. The Doctor said it's all around, inside and outside,

So no real treatment. I may be prescribed anti fungal drugs if necessary. Just wondered how far to go in reducing the allergen at home.

I understand it can grow beneath carpets that get wet - so maybe I should change by bathroom flooring, as have carpet now.

I live in a privately rented flat. My Asthma is unpredictable at the moment. I have days with no symptoms at all and feel

well then other days I struggle to do my job and have wheezing and tight chest. I was on steroid tablets for about six months.

Have been off them for six weeks and had an exacerbation and had to go back on a five day course.

I would really appreciate any comments/help on the fungi issue

Thanks for reading



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Yes it used to be bad like that for me as a child, mold caused asthma for me but all they did was put me on inhalers (which maybe they shouldn't of done), i read that antihistamines can help with it, i know this post is 3 years old but i hate to reply to let others know your not alone. The inhalers made my immune sytem very low then i got many bad colds and around 7 i started with a very bad chest infection that i have for a year and it wouldn't go away, first i took penecilin but i'm allergic straight away, i too am more sensitive to some thngs than other people, it must be a common things with people who are allergic to mold, guess we are more sensitive to stuff, may be allergic to dsut mites too.

I then had to take antibiotic stereoids and it just cured it straight away which shows it was mold but see docs can't ask you about mold because it can effect your hormones and cause infertility too like if it's poisenious mold, they consider asking a personal question so you have to say to them, i then moved away from England for a while then moved back 5/6 years ago and after a year of being back my eyes went red and and they are always like that now, worse when i just woke up and they burn when i'm cleaning dust because mold spores are in dust, not severely but enough to make me squish my eyes together and cause more irritation.

You can try antihitamines to see if it works and buy medium sized HEPA Filters to put in each bedroom, in the hallway, in the sitting room and in the closet, i know they are expensive though... and buy an electric dehumidifer, it will take a while to save up for them but i feel it's worth it if it means having cleaner air as they suck up dust, mold and other airborne particles, i want to get a few myself but can't afford it, maybe buy a HEPA vaccume too. At first when you use HEPA Filters they fill up quickly because it's sucking up what's already there so you will need to buy a couple filters to start with.

Also anti-fungal meds won't do anything, those are mostly for people who have toenail fungus or thrush but those pills have a lot of side effects, i tried them because at the moment i have toenail fungus but i had to stop after 11 days, first i felt dizzy then i started waking up in pain in my sides and lower pay and couldn't get up for a few mins, i couldn't breath properly ether, they can cause kidney and liver damage too, people have died from taking them but it won't help with mold exposure it's quite different, they aren't right to sell you those but you have to be careful with docs these days, they try to sell you alsorts.


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