allergies to mold and fungi??


I saw my Consultant last week and he gave me results of a blood test. Aparantly I have high levels of allergen towards

Fungi and Mold - I have Allergic Asthma, other allergies are dust mites, animal hair and grass/flower/tree pollen.

I was just wondering if anyone else here has it. The Doctor said it's all around, inside and outside,

So no real treatment. I may be prescribed anti fungal drugs if necessary. Just wondered how far to go in reducing the allergen at home.

I understand it can grow beneath carpets that get wet - so maybe I should change by bathroom flooring, as have carpet now.

I live in a privately rented flat. My Asthma is unpredictable at the moment. I have days with no symptoms at all and feel

well then other days I struggle to do my job and have wheezing and tight chest. I was on steroid tablets for about six months.

Have been off them for six weeks and had an exacerbation and had to go back on a five day course.

I would really appreciate any comments/help on the fungi issue

Thanks for reading




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