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Saharan dust from early April

I had my worst Asthma when I must have breathed in the dust. It developed into a cold and then chest infection. The Doctor now say I need a blood test as they think the problem is increasing the fluid in my blood. I also have to have a 1 hour breathing test. Once they have the results I will be referred to a lung constant. They think the dust has triggered changes to the Asthma and added Hay fever to those with just Asthma.

I wondered if other people are finding the same breathing problems. As I have not too bad days and then those I have to sit around, and from the chest X-rays, they believe it has to be the Asthma.


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Hi Ian,

For me it took just over a year to get a referral. But when you see the consultant you will be fine afterwards. My GP failed to keep my lung function at the 60% mark. If you are concerned why don't you ring the asthma UK nurses? They are very nice and helpful. They taught me everything until I saw my consultant. Wish you get better. Let us know what happens.


Do you have mold in your house? i'm asking a dozen people at the moment because as a child i had mold induced asthma and i got a bad chest infectio that wouldn't go because the inhalers i took lowered my immune system, i had it for a year before they decided to try penicilin (which i'm allergic to straight away), and then antibiotic sterioids, have they tried to put you on the antibiotic steriods for a week?, those should help with the worst kind of chest infections and with the asthma symptoms, they cured it for me since i have a mold allergy, they tend to only give them at a last resort now but i think this is a last resort, however if you have mold in your house you have to say to them you think it's mold because they can't ask you, poisenious mold can cause infertitlity problems so it's consdered a personal question, so you have to say to them, my mum got told them when i was younger by a doc who told her how i shouldn't of been taking the inhalers.

If it is mold or maybe even a dust mite allergy (which all humans can suddenly become allergic to, some more allergic than others), then it will cause similar symptoms although mold is a lot worse, i now have mold conjuctivitus since being back in england again, you should ask them if they can give you the antibiotic steriods though as allergies is an inflamitory response, with chest infections though when they get bad enough your body has a weird immune inflamitory response, this is what happened to me with the chest infection on top of the mold allergy, antibiotic stereioids will inhibit both inflamitory responses so they should be putting you on that.


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