Saharan dust from early April

I had my worst Asthma when I must have breathed in the dust. It developed into a cold and then chest infection. The Doctor now say I need a blood test as they think the problem is increasing the fluid in my blood. I also have to have a 1 hour breathing test. Once they have the results I will be referred to a lung constant. They think the dust has triggered changes to the Asthma and added Hay fever to those with just Asthma.

I wondered if other people are finding the same breathing problems. As I have not too bad days and then those I have to sit around, and from the chest X-rays, they believe it has to be the Asthma.


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  • Hi Ian,

    For me it took just over a year to get a referral. But when you see the consultant you will be fine afterwards. My GP failed to keep my lung function at the 60% mark. If you are concerned why don't you ring the asthma UK nurses? They are very nice and helpful. They taught me everything until I saw my consultant. Wish you get better. Let us know what happens.