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People won't believe how serious I am

I am having a bad time controlling both Hayfever and asthma together....I'm trying different medications given from phramacies to handle my Hayfever so my asthma doesnt over rule me. I normally have asthma in cold conditions, foggy, damp and Hayfever comes along in the spring all way through summer time. These few days I never felt this bad since I was a child. However I live alone and when I call my famly about how I feel they just nod it off oh it's Hayfever deal with it when then seem to always dismiss my asthma and how bad I feel. It isn't just ""nose running"" and ""stiflfles""! I get chest pains, wheezyness, continously coughing and dizziness (sometimes).

Anyway all I'm saying is, is anyone else in the same position of people not understanding your conditions?

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Yep exact same position. When I was laying in intensive care my mum asked 'Whats wrong with you?' while I was having nebs and she just could not understand along with customers from work.


I've been having a really bad attack for the last couple of months and ended up in hospital, and when I told my mother she was like ""but you were just fine why did you have to go to the hospital??""

Also, I trained as a chaplain, and I was amazed when my closest co-worker (also a chaplain) came up to my floor, which was ICU (I live in the states) and said ""Yeah I was with my friend's wife yesterday at a picnic, and the barbaque set off her asthma and now she's intubated. Does that happen?""

I just looked at him. This is the guy who had been sharing a cubicle work space with me for a year, and I was thinking ""Yeah you don't get it and you've been with me this whole year! Wow that's scary!


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