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Clenil 4 x 100mg twice a day for 5 yr old?

My son is 5, has had asthma or been treated for symptoms for it since 9mths and been on clenil from about a year.

He is really struggling had his clenil upped tp 2 x 10o, twice a day a week ago but still awful. GP today said to up to 4 puff of 100 twice a day, so exceeding the recommended maximum dose. This is for a week only, in lieu of prednisilone (sp?)

Does that sound right? Was going to call the helpline tomorrow but just wondered if anyone else had this?

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My son at 2.5 years old was on 3 puffs twice a day on the advice of his consultant. I wouldn't have thought increasing it for a week would be as effective as pred as surely clenil works by building up?

Did you call the helpline today?


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